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The curriculum at Artemis Early Learning is based on an emergent curriculum that is flexible and is adapted to meet the individual needs of individuals, groups and the abilities of each child on a daily basis.

Each room’s curriculum values the child as an active learner with their environment rather than a passive recipient. To meet developmental objectives the curriculum aims to focus on the child’s interests. Educators facilitate the children’s learning, working alongside the children and not instructing from above, while also using intentional teaching strategies that further extend a child’s learning with the use of learning outcomes in the Early Years Learning Framework.

As part of the Early Years Learning Framework we value Being, Becoming, Belonging.

Our Goals

At Artemis Early Learning we strive to ensure that we:

  • Provide a safe, happy and secure environment for children;
  • Implement a curriculum that builds on the skills and knowledge of each child’s cultural and community context;
  • Encourage children to respect the natural environment and acknowledging our connections to the world;
  • Work in partnership with families, communicating openly and respectfully with families and inviting active participation and engagement in the daily curriculum;
  • Assist children to develop a range of appropriate social behaviours and understandings;
  • Assist children to develop a positive self-image, to respect others and to encourage self-reliance and motivation by learning;
  • Engage in ongoing learning and reflective practice as educators;
  • Assist all educators to be pedagogical leaders.